Thank you for the inspection on the property at Hannah on Friday. The report was informative, detailed and very professional.
Craig C.
Hey Russell. I have received and reviewed the home inspection report. I appreciate the work you've done and if necessary would be glad to offer you more business in the future.
Thank you for doing our home inspection, I feel that you were very honest, took your time and did a thorough inspection. I especially liked all the photos and also the description page with arrows on the photos pointing out the problems or areas that need special attention. I will definitely if needed, use you again and I will certainly recommend you to our friends and family.
Brandy L.
Mr. Caldwell was thorough and meticulous. I am a first time home buyer. He clearly explained the problems and why they are important, both in person and in the very detailed inspection report. I highly recommend him. I feel secure in our home purchase and that we know what we're getting into with potential problems and repairs.
Satisfied Customer
Very Very thorough inspection of the home. Checked every electrical plug in, found that the garage door would not reverse with resistance, most of all saved me 7 thousand dollars on a roof that needed to be replaced and found about 60 other issues; most of which was minor but very nice to know exactly what little things to fix when you purchase a used home! I was also out of town and this man took the job without upfront payment but of course I did not receive the results until he received payment. I am more than pleased. If I ever need a home inspector again near Conway, there's no question I will call Russell
Kacie Phipps
Mr. Caldwell was excellent to work with. Since this was our first time buying a house we had no idea what to expect. He made sure to explain things to us even when these items were not an issue. Very friendly and over all a great person to have on your side. He went over the property with a fine tooth comb to make sure we weren’t getting taken advantage of. His inspection report was very detailed and included summaries of everything including burnt out lights to potential health hazards. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reasonably priced and very thorough home inspection.
Very professional and personable. He took time to explain and show me what I needed to see. He is also very quick. He was able to inspect my house within 2 business days and had my report back to me the same afternoon as the inspection.
Donna Wake
Mr. Caldwell is the best inspector. He takes time to explain his finding. He is meticulous in his inspection. Does not rush and takes whatever time is needed to make sure you inspection is the best and sends a great finished product for your use. I've already recommended him to a friend. I wouldn't use anyone else for a home inspection.
Janie Melton